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What I Love About You...
Jumaat, 3 Februari 2012

            The sparkle in your eye,
                    The warmth of your skin.
               Your breath on my neck,
            That quivers within.

             The touch of your hand,
                The smell of your hair.
                   The kindness in your smile,
                       That strength in your stare.

                              Your kiss on my lips,
                               Your body near mine.
                          The stroke of your touch,
                                That feeling inside.

                         The sound of your voice,
                         Compassion in your embrace.
                         The serenity in your stride,
                            The power in your face.

                          The calming of your presence,
                                   The beating of your heart.
                             The promise of tomorrow,
                              That we may never part.

                             The beauty of your kiss,
                          and that magic in your touch.
                            It is for all these reasons and more,
                           Why I love you so much.

i love u foerver sayang,jika kita ada jodoh brsama saya akan tunggu awak sampai bila2 pun joey , zv and frankiee so much! muaahhh!